I hate when I am sitting INSIDE my house, minding my own damn business and some idiot drives by with his music so loud the bass actually makes the room vibrate…for one…it indicates that person has a very, VERY small penis…and two…it is very annoying! That being said…I did not EVER think, hey let me grab a gun and shoot them!

This guy Michael Dunn was in town for his child’s WEDDING. First off…who the hell brings a gun to a wedding??? Really?!?!?! Maybe his new daughter in law should watch out. He was at a gas station convienence store so his girlfriend could buy a bottle of wine there…*blink* Not even going to touch that one. The kids…hell almost grow men, were in their car, blasting the music in the annoying way kids do and he decides to go over and ask them to turn it down. I am SURE they told him where to go and how fast to get there…at this point he felt threatened…by kids…who never got out of the car…and were UNARMED. He pulled out his gun and shot eight or nine times into the car, hitting Jordan twice killing him.

OK…at what point was he threatened? As he pulled his gun? As he shot the kids who were inside their car? Was he threatened by the music??? Or maybe the dialog between them? I know how kids speak when their parents arent around, and some do it when they are…but nothing, NOTHING validates shooting them. It. Was. Music. If it bothered you that much, call the cops.

He and his lawyer keep changing their stories, nothing makes sense. You basically killed this kid because the music was loud. Stop the damn insanity…